• Criminal Law

    Al Farouk Legal Group has the experience to represent his clients in all kinds of criminal cases, starting from bounced cheques to fraud defamation and others.. Apart from this our lawyers with their excellent reasoning possess the skills required to defend the people charged with crimes.Our team has the ability to prepare a robust case that will ensure every chance of success for his clients.

    Criminal Law

    In addition, we represent people of all nationalities and deal with all sections of criminal law including but are not limited to the following:

    •  Fraud
    •  Theft
    •  Assault
    •  Arson
    •  Forgery
    •  Fraud
    •  Battery
    •  Defamation
    •  Child abuse
    •  Drugs cases
    •  Counterfeiting currency
    •  Medical negligence
    •  Money laundering
    •  Harassment
    •  Cheque dishonor cases
    •  Abduction
    •  Extortion
    •  Robbery
    •  Juvenile crimes
    •  Crimes against women
    •  Cyber crimes