• Hassan Al Abdooli Advocates & Legal Consultants

    HAASAN AL ABDOOLI Advocates & Legal Consultants is a part of Al Farouk Legal Group, we has been serving international clients since its founding before 12 years ago and have been serving clients – large and small – throughout the United UAE, EGYPT and many foreign countries.

    The main reason to choose HASSAN Al ABDOOLI ADVOCATES to be a part of our Group is that, we offer clients a sophisticated, full-service practice that addresses their diverse and complex needs with vision, expertise and a commitment to quality and service. So, we need to have an experienced team support us to serve and approach our client's goals.

    Our lawyers are working collaboratively to assist clients in achieving personal and structuring, business goals, negotiating and closing transactions, and handling disputed matters. We are our clients' trusted advisers and our goal in every matter is to deliver excellent legal counseling. We strive to know our clients' businesses and be the best partner each client could have.

    We practice in several main service groups – Trans - National Business i.e. Acquisitions, Due Diligence, Contracts, Employment Matters..etc., commercials, banks, corporate Securities, IP services, Administrative Law, Local Government Real Estate and Construction, Maritime, and family law matters. Kindly review our information about our practices

    Clients Relationships infinity

    Our lawyers have developed and maintained enduring relationships with the clients. Through the years and years, we have attracted lawyers with a similar philosophy of client service and loyalty. The result has been steady, continuing growth and a reputation for excellence in providing quality representations.



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