• Intellectual Property

    Our Group has established Al Farouk International Intellectual Property Rights Management to be specialized in all aspects of Intellectual Property areas and provides professional services for that. Our Intellectual Property attorneys can assist you to register your trademarks, protect Intellectual Property rights, represent you through cease and desist efforts and in administrative and legal processes like trademark oppositions and cancellations in UAE.

    Intellectual Property

    Moreover, we give advisory on industrial utility models and patents, software, publications copyright of and literary works, Internet domain names, intellectual property licensing, trade secret protection, intellectual property collateralization and trademark management.


    Our lawyers are well-known with the process and procedures for registering of trademarks with the relevant authorities within the United Arab Emirates.
    We also has the experience to service the individual and corporate in identifying counterfeit products, settle dispute resolution, enforcement of rights, prepare and register franchise, investigate about unfair competition, etc.
    List of classes of goods and services
    قائمة فئات السلع والخدمات

    Copyright and patents

    Our team is experienced to assist authors to protect their valuable work including literary, artistic, musical, dramatic, and certain other intellectual works.
    Our team is fully aware in procedures of registration for the copyright up to level the enforcement of the right.
    In addition, we also helping our clients in infringement investigates and any possible breach on their intellectual property.