• About us

    Al Farouk Legal Group offers an overall solution for the full range of clients' legal needs, from entry into the country and establishing legal status,

    To setting up a business, advising on corporate transactions,

    Or concluding employment arrangements,

    Right through to advising clients of need in their personal affairs.

    Our associates are legal professionals with qualifications obtained from various international jurisdictions. Their training and experience enables them to provide a high standard of advice and legal expertise in every case.

    What differentiates us is that, apart from being knowledgeable in the law, and experienced in advising on transactions, we recognize that what ultimately matters to our clients is the outcome. We make it our business to set and manage realistic expectations.

    With offices located Al Farouk provides clients with central and accessible offices to meet our associates.

    Since 2004, We work sincerely to provide practical entire legal services in the UAE and Egypt through our branches and other different countries through our associates. A wide range of entire legal services are being provided by a team of dedicated professionals to both businesses and individuals across the Middle East and the globe.

    Our Vision

    We obliged to protect our clients as well as one of our families. We are not dealing with the clients for the business, we doing whatever we can to make them feel safe and secure as their home. We give full support and care to the clients to forget their matters and enjoy the life.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to support clients in designing, managing and executing lasting beneficial change

    We are experts in protecting clients' rights through the courts, and we knows how to present your side of a dispute to a judge to protect your rights and maximize your chances of getting a favorable decision, we give legal advice. In addition, tell you how the law will treat your case. We do it by comparing your facts to other cases to see how the law treated them before and we can draw on the expertise of our Dispute Resolution team as required.