• Al Farouk International Intellectual Property Rights Management,

    AL FAROUK LEGAL GROUP is handle whole intellectual property areas including Register, Renewal, amend of trademark, copyright and patent rights through its affiliate Al Farouk International Intellectual Property Rights Management, We are fully aware that the intellectual Property Rights are increasingly being seen as important assets and much valuable both for establishments and individuals, therefore we doing our best to ensure that we obtain our services in professional way and manner Based on a strong commitment to the profession, we are assisted by talente selected team who are experienced and skillful. our team spread this commitment to provide clients with quality service and advice on a wide range of trademark, copyright issues and patent all in efficient cost and effective manner.

    We specialized in

    all aspects of Intellectual Property areas and provides professional services for that. Our Intellectual Property team can assist you to register your trademarks, protect Intellectual Property rights, represent you through cease and desist efforts and in administrative and legal processes like trademark oppositions and cancellations in UAE. Moreover, we give advisory on industrial utility models and patents, software, publications copyright of and literary works, Internet domain names, intellectual property licensing, trade secret protection, intellectual property collateralization and trademark management. In addition, we handle all cases and disputes of trademark infringement and all unlawful register for copyright and patent. Moreover, our team has the experience in trade secrets and computer contract matters; and domain name disputes.



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