• Debt Recovery

    Outstanding payments and invoices can be a heavy drain on your business' resources. However, chasing unpaid debts can often be a time consuming and frustrating process if you are not familiar with the procedures involved. There is no point pursuing a debtor that has no money and will not be able to pay. Therefore, before pursuing a debt collection process, we evaluate the case and advise you as to your best solutions. We will always ensure that you are aware of the process, cost and potential success prior taking any action. Our debt collection team always aims to collect your outstanding payments amicably.

    Debt Recovery

    Our debt collection process consists of a series of escalating letters, phone calls, emails, and in some cases visits.
    Should legal action be required, we can handle the full legal process from submitting a complaint at the public prosecution, filling a police report though obtaining a court judgment and proceeding with the execution of the judgment to include.
    identification of the debtor's assets, obtaining attachment orders against the identified assets (i.e. bank accounts, real property, vehicles), and applying for warrant arrest and travel ban orders against the debtor.